British Designer Flip Flops

Embellished by talented UK artisans

Genuine Crystalised Swarovski® Elements

4 Unique Designs in a range of classic colours

Elegant Fashion Jewellery

Lovingly handmade in the UK

The perfect compliment to any fashion style

Exceptional British quality jewellery

British Made Designer Flip Flops

Available in 4 unique styles and a range of classic colours. British made and embellished by talented UK artisans with genuine crystalised Swarovski® Elements.

British Made Fashion Jewellery

Beautiful, elegant jewellery, handmade in the UK. The perfect compliment to any fashion style.

Elegant Black Shell Butterfly Charm Bracelet


Elegant black shell butterfly charm bracelet.

Elegant White Shell Butterfly Charm Bracelet


Elegant white shell butterfly charm bracelet.

Elsa Natural Agate Stone Bracelet for Men and Woman


Elsa natural agate green stone unisex bracelet.

Isla Solid Style Silver and Black Bangle


Solid style silver and black stainless steel bangle


A Harmonious Blend of British Craftsmanship and South American Vibrancy in Footwear and Jewellery

Flipntoze merges the elegance of British craftsmanship with the vibrant essence of South American design. Inspired by a trip to Brazil, founder Debra envisioned a fusion of cultures in wearable fashion. The brand initially focused on redefining flip flops, blending the functionality of this staple footwear with luxurious elements like genuine Crystallized Swarovski® Elements, waxed threads, and the prestige of British manufacturing. These flip flops, crafted from environmentally friendly materials, are designed to be as fashionable on a catwalk as they are comfortable on the beach, embodying the brand's ethos of 'More Than A Flip Flop.'

Expanding beyond footwear, Flipntoze also offers a line of handmade fashion jewelry, designed to complement various styles and skin tones. Each piece, crafted in the UK, showcases a blend of quality materials and unique designs that reflect the wearer's personality. This extension of the brand maintains the signature British-South American aesthetic, creating timeless accessories. Flipntoze invites you to join their family, promising a journey of style and sustainability.